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An Introduction

RS Barcoders Pvt. Ltd.is a leading IT solution provider and a system integrator in the field of Automatic Identification Systems-using technologies such on Barcodes, RFID and biometrics. With a rich experience of 18 years in this field we have been providing sturdy, scalable and reliable technology driven solutions to our clients which has brought about a paradigm shift in their internal functioning. It is our commitment towards all our clients which has made them keep up their association over all these years. Some of our oldest clients are 18 years old.

Some of the industry driven, B2B solutions we provide include:

CATS- Centralized Attendance Tracking System is a Web Based and real-time attendance tracking software which can monitor attendance of multiple branches regardless of location. With the latest technology and devices it is the most recommended solution for any organization either small or big.
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VMS - Visitor Management System is a smart software which is equipped with right tools to monitor visitors within an organization. Capture visitor's photograph with all necessary details, issue professional looking ID cards, network multiple branch offices by having a common visitor database and general MIS Reports.
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RS-FAMS is a best software which takes all the aspects of Fixed Asset Management into account. It facilitates the tracking of complete life cycle of an asset from the time it is purchased to the time it is purchased to the it is finally discarded. AMC/Warranty/Insurance can be managed.
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Document and File Management System is a world class technology based solution to manage all the documents and files in an organization. It facilitate the easy tracking of movement and current location of documents and files. Hence, saves almost 98% of the time involved in searching.
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AGES-Automatic Gate Entry System is a world class technology based solution for ensuring the security at the time of entry. It permits the entry of only authorized vehicle in the premises. It automatically allows and records the Entry/Exit of vehicles at the gate of the organization / society.
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RS-LIBMAN is a Windows Based Library Management software which satisfies the complete need of the librarian. It facilitates the close monitoring of books, CD / VCDs, magazines, journals, vendors, departments, etc. as the updating process is ONLINE. Also facilitates self Issue/Return of books.
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Our Prestigious Clients:

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